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Love is our Resistance
Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us


Dominica Rain. California. Mommy of 5 daughters.Tattooed. Hopeless Romantic. Dreamer. Book Worm. Media Whore. Lives For Amazing Music, The Ocean, Art && Love.

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Tell me about the dream where we pull the bodies out of the lake
and dress them in warm clothes again.
How it was late, and no one could sleep, the horses running
until they forget that they are horses.
It's not like a tree where the roots have to end somewhere,
it's more like a song on a policeman's radio,
how we rolled up the carpet so we could dance, and the days
were bright red, and every time we kissed there was another apple
to slice into pieces.
Look at the light through the windowpane. That means it's noon, that means
we're inconsolable.
Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us.
These, our bodies, possessed by light.
Tell me we'll never get used to it.
-Richard Siken


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Monday, April 11, 2011

This weekend was.....amazing. One of the best weekends Ive ever had honestly.

I flew into Phoenix friday evening and Matt & I went to dinner at this delicious burger place. We sat next to the cutest old-er couple who chit chatted with us throughout dinner. It was so cute. Afterwards, we went to a birthday party for one of Matts good friends. Sidenote: Matt has the most amazing group of friends, ever. The party was at this mansion on the hills, it was so breathtaking! Someday, someday...
The party was SO fun, I had such a great time, it was the perfect friday night. Theres something so magical about being with Matt. I cant even explain it, theres no words to accurately describe how incredible it is.

Saturday morning we got to sleep in! And if you're a parent, you know that is a rare luxury! We went to Lux, which is hands down the best coffee shop Ive ever been too. The weather was crappy, the rain seems to follow me everywhere I go! But it was still nice, a rainy saturday morning drinking coffee and amazing conversations.

We killed some time and then headed to dinner at one of Matts friends house. They were the most adorable and awesome couple! They were one of those couples that gives you hope about love and marriage. We had the most delicious food ever(No, really. It was beyond delicious!!! Tiffany is an AMAZING cook. I definitely need to learn her secrets) and the best conversations. I really enjoyed spending time with the, with Matt. It felt so...perfect, so right. Like, this is how life is supposed to be. Love and happiness. I had forgotten what those things feel like and with Matt, its like ALL I can feel, like a cartoon character who just explodes into a billion pieces shaped like hearts. Corny, I know! But its so true.

After dinner, we headed to the store for some popcorn && wine && chocolate for a movie night. I know, I told you it was a perfect weekend!!! We cuddeled up and watched Slumdog Millionare and Big Fish, which for some unbeknowst reason Id never seen(!!) and I LOVED them. Amazing, amazing movies. Matt has the best taste.

Sunday  morning we woke up and headed to Lux, which is kind of our regular routine on our weekends together. The weather was BEAUTIFUL, sunny and warm, just right. Matt suggested we go on a bike ride so we stopped by his friends house to borrow a bike for me to ride.

We rode ALL around dowtown Phoenix. 12 miles. 12!! I honestly got on the bike not expecting to be able to make it a mile. I cant even tell you the last time I was on a bike! I was sure I would either fall or die of a heart attack. True story. But once we started riding, it was....incredible. I can see why Matt loves it so much. It is definitely something I want to do more. Living a couple blocks from the river would be so perfect too. I loved being able to partake in something Matt loves and is passionate about and being able to share that, but also to truly enjoy it as well. We stopped and got lunch at this adorable resturaunt and then rode around some more, stopped at a bar for a couple drinks and to enjoy the sun. We rode around all day!

 If I could imagine the most perfect sunday, yesterday would have been it. It makes me so anxious for my future with Matt, and to have in my everyday life and be able to share and do things like that on a more frequent basis. I catch myself sneaking glances at him sometimes and just being overwhelmed with love. To this day, I still get butterflies when our eyes meet and when we kiss. I can't believe how lucky I am. Fairytales do come true.

♥our lips must always be sealed
1:42 AM



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