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Love is our Resistance
Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us


Dominica Rain. California. Mommy of 5 daughters.Tattooed. Hopeless Romantic. Dreamer. Book Worm. Media Whore. Lives For Amazing Music, The Ocean, Art && Love.

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Tell me about the dream where we pull the bodies out of the lake
and dress them in warm clothes again.
How it was late, and no one could sleep, the horses running
until they forget that they are horses.
It's not like a tree where the roots have to end somewhere,
it's more like a song on a policeman's radio,
how we rolled up the carpet so we could dance, and the days
were bright red, and every time we kissed there was another apple
to slice into pieces.
Look at the light through the windowpane. That means it's noon, that means
we're inconsolable.
Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us.
These, our bodies, possessed by light.
Tell me we'll never get used to it.
-Richard Siken


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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I've been really thinking hard about school && what I want to do with my life. It is SO hard, I envy people who just "know" what they want to do. I change my mind so often, constantly second guess my self. I think I have it figured out. So, my plan is to get my CNA certification by april/may. Its a 7 week course. I need it to be able to get into the nursing program at the school I want to go too and then get my RN. THEN, get a job at a hospital, but go back to school to become a Radiological Technician/Ultrasound Sonographer. Theres NO accredited schools for that program in Sacramento, theres only 7 in the state of California, and they are all in Southern California except for 1, so that means I'll definitely be moving there to finish school.It feels SO fucking good to have it figured out, have a game plan && direction and know I can put all my focus into getting things finished and my career/life started. Yay for me. I would love to be able to eventually go to cosmetology school just to do it, because its always something I've WANTED to do, so maybe I can fit that in somewhere along the way. 

Sunday I went and saw my beautiful(and best) friend Brie in the hospital. She was induced and gave birth to the most gorgeous baby girl, Taylin Monroe. I was so proud of her, she was not only absolutely gorgeous for being in labor, but was handeling it like a total champ! Way better than me :)
Congrats love, I love you both so so much!!

The girls are on Christmas break from school for the next 2 weeks. Our days are spent with play dates/sleep overs, rock band, arts && crafts and just over-all goofing off and playing. It has been so much fun and some amazing quality time. I love love it. Being a mom is seriously the best thing in this world.

I have been debating what to do for New Years for a few weeks. A bunch of my friends are going to Tahoe and that sounded hella fun. But then, my grandma came by about 3 days ago and asked me and my brother to please stay home because all she does it sit up all night and worry about us. GUILT TRIP GALORE. I know she does worry and now I know I can't go out because I'd feel like shit all night knowing my poor 80 year old grandma is sitting at home watching CNN stressing on where I am and if I'm okay. So, my brother and I promised her we'd stay home, and invited her, my mom, my little sister Summer and a couple friends to come over to our house for the night. Buy some alcohol and cider for the girls, get some pizza and sushi, play some poker and board games, whatever, just make it a chill night. Probably not as cool as Tahoe would have been, but I love my grandma too much to say no. 

Just a little over 2 weeks until my mini vacation to Phoenix. I am so excited I could burst into little pieces. I can't remember the last time I looked forward to something so much.

♥our lips must always be sealed
9:14 AM



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